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Tutors in Barcelona

Professional private tutors in Barcelona

AE Teaching is a company dedicated to excellence in the education of professionals and students. Our tutors are experienced and certified in many fields of continuing education. We provide personal and individual guidance for a wide range of subject areas.

Test preparation

AE Teaching provides a personal approach toward preparing your child for exam day. We methodically review test strategies specific for each test. Our tutors ensure that the student first has a good foundation of the basic skills before advancing to higher level concepts. After only a few sessions with our tutors students usually receive noticeably higher marks on their tests. Children build confidence with each tutoring session and develop key reasoning skills.

English for companies and professionals

AE Teaching provides highly experienced and native teachers for classes both in your business or home. All of our teachers have university degrees and teaching certificates. Our professors create a fun and relaxed environment in which students can feel at home to express themselves with ease and develop their language skills. For the staff of AE our greatest concern is that the classes are enjoyable and informative at the same time. We teach a wide range of students of all ages and offer special discounts for group classes.

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Our tutors focus heavily on increasing the communication between teachers, parents, and students. Ensuring that each party knows exactly what are the areas that can be improved upon and how we are going to reinforce the pupils skills in those areas.


AE Teaching also works hard to ensure that there is a good personality match between the tutor and student so that both feel comfortable to share and be open, developing a lasting partnership.


The classes can be held in a variety of locations, tutors can travel to your place of residence, office or to the school of the pupil. We already have co-operative arrangements with many schools which allow us to use their facilities even during school hours.


The tutors contact the teachers for each subject the student has, to ensure that the material that is being covered in the tutoring session is the exact same as that of the class. Our students normally see a noticeable improvement in their grades as the tutors help them to focus on time management skills as well. We focus on enhancing study skills and encourage the children to become autonomous learners that strive for academic excellence.