Our tutors are what make AE Teaching great.

AE Teaching employs native teachers from the U.S.A. and the U.K. Our tutors are very experienced with the IB program, and they also do general tutoring for those who have not yet started the IB Diploma. The tutors have degrees in a wide range of fields and have been teaching for many years.

We have many tutors who work for us, not all of them are featured on this page, so please feel free to call/email with any specific inquires.

I am Ernie from the U.S. I am a professional tutor; I work hard to stay current on any updates/changes to the IB curriculum. I have been working as a private tutor here in Barcelona since 2011, but previously I worked as a civil engineer in the U.S. for over 6 years. I graduated from Ohio State University in 2006. I speak English, Spanish, and Catalan. I enjoy helping students and I find it very rewarding to see them learn and grow as individuals.

Subjects: IB program, extended essay, internal assessments, math, physics, chemistry, college admissions, SAT, economics, science, and many others

I am Megan from the USA. I have lived here in Barcelona since 2010. I work as a full time tutor for AE Teaching. I have a degree in applied mathematics which I received from Brown University. I have been working with students from BFIS and ASB for many years as I too graduated from an IB high school as well.

Subjects: IB program, math, physics, chemistry, college admissions, SAT, economics, science, and many others

I am Hannah from the USA. I am currently getting my Masters in Cognitive science from UAB. I did my undergraduate in Economics at the University of California. I speak four different languages and I love to learn and help others to improve their skills as well.

Subjects: math, science, economics, and English

Oliver: I am from England where I obtained A Levels in English, Maths, and Physics from Falmouth Sixth Form in 2012, before moving to Cardiff to attend university. I received a BSc (Hons) in Astronomy from the University of South Wales in 2016. I then moved to Barcelona in August of the same year to study an MSc in astrophysics in Barcelona, where I am presently half way through the degree. Since moving here to Barcelona I have been working for AE Teaching as an IB program physics and math tutor.

Subjects: IB program, math, physics, science, and others

My name is Ahmad and I am a master’s student in Astrophysics and Cosmology at Universtitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I am an ex-scientific animator and ex-academic researcher for an international school network SABIS, I enjoy assisting students facing challenges in scientific subjects such as math and physics.

Subjects: math and physics

I am Peter from the UK. I have a degree in Biomedical Science and I am currently teaching math and science at an English speaking school here in Barcelona. I have also taught at the ES International School here in Barcelona. I have lived in Barcelona since 2014.

Subjects: math, physics, chemistry, science, and more

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My name is Angela and I am a Canadian currently studying and working here in Barcelona Spain. I have a degree in Neuroscience from the University of Western Ontario and am currently completing my Master’s in Neuroscience (M.Sc.) at the Pompeu Fabra University. In my spare time, I teach and tutor subjects including English, Math, Science, French, and Humanities to all ages and skill levels. I firmly believe in providing a solid education to all my students and go above and beyond in providing an excellent teaching experience for all of my pupils.

Subjects: math, science, English, French, and exam preparation

I am Danielle. I am from the U.S. where I got my degree at Ohio State University. I am an IB program tutor. I have a degree in speech science and psychology. I have lived in Barcelona for a number of years where I have worked as a teacher at various schools.

Subjects: IB program, English, and psychology


I am Tina from the United States. I have been a teacher at both the Benjamin Franklin International School and ES International School; for this reason I am very familiar with the IB program. I am a tutor with extensive experience in Barcelona. I have a Master´s degree in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in linguistics and a minor in Adult Basic Education from Oregon State University. I also speak Spanish and Catalan.

Subjects: IB program and English

My name is Juan and I have studied industrial engineering. I am an IB program specialist tutor as I have been tutoring students from IB schools for many years now. I also have a degree in Linguistics and a Master´s in cognitive science and language.

Subjects: IB program, math, physics, chemistry, economics, science, and many others

My name is Kaci and I am from the USA. I have an architecture degree and a Master´s in Business administration. I am an IB economics and math tutor. I have lived in Barcelona for many years and I have had the privilege of teaching private classes as well as small individual groups.

Subjects: math, economics, English and more

My name is Noelia and I am from Spain. I received my philology degree from the University of Barcelona in 2005. I teach Spanish and I have had the opportunity to work in well-known schools such as International House.

Subjects: Spanish

Je Suis Naim. I am from Algeria. I work here in Barcelona as a French teacher and a translator. I have been teaching French since 2004 and I have given classes in ESADE. I speak English and Spanish as well. I love getting to know new people help people to enjoy languages.

Subjects: Arabic, French, and translation

I am Shohei from Japan. I am a Japanese language teacher. I have been working in educational institutions of both Australia and Poland for over 8 years. Last year I came to Barcelona and now I work for AE teaching and Escola Oficial d`Idiomes. I really enjoy helping students learn Japanese language and culture.

Subject: Japanese

My name is Esther and I am from the Netherlands. I have a degree in Dutch and a Master’s degree in Pedagogy. I have been a teacher since August of 2005. In 2016 I moved to Barcelona where I did a TEFL course. I am currently the teacher for the Dutch group class at Benjamin Franklin International School. It is my challenge to get the best out of my students.

Subjects: Dutch