The first thing the staff at AE Teaching will do is sit down with you the parent to have a conversation about your student. We want to hear from you, the parents about who their children are and what particular strengths and needs they have. We will then want to know what their academic background is and what areas may need improving. Once a student profile is developed we will consider their personality traits and match them with one of our highly trained and qualified tutors.
Private Classes

We offer private classes in the following subject areas:

Grades 9 through 12 Services:

• All course subjects
Extended Essays Internal Assessments
English Theory of Knowledge essays
English Literature Economics (Micro and Macro)
History And many more
• Mathematics
Algebra Trigonometry
Statistics Calculus
Probability Geometry
• Science
Chemistry Physics
• Languages
English German
Spanish Catalan
French And more
• Exam preparation
IB Exams PET
University entrance exams EOI
Selectividad GMAT

All IB courses for higher, standard, and studies level


Determining which university to apply to can be very difficult as there are many options. For this reason we also aid students to pick which university is right for them based on their individual needs and student profile.

We show students how to use great online resources such as which will allow them to choose the best university for them.

In our private classes AE Teaching provides support for students on their college applications and essays. From start to finish we make sure the student submits the best application with the highest chances of getting accepted possible.

IB Program

We also guide the students through the process of writing their internal assessments and completing all of the course requirements for the IB program.

There is a wealth of great online resources such as which is a website that provides guidance on how to write internal assessments and extended essays.

It is also very important for students in the IB program to practice as many past papers as they can provides many links to IB math past papers.

For those studying challenging math topics there is a wealth of on-line tutorials such as

One of my personal favorites is which has great video tutorials on a wide range of subjects.

Summer Courses: We also offer summer courses to help prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Applications: AE Teaching has also helped many students with their application processes for schools here in Barcelona.

Home Schooling: We also offer support for students who are following home schooling programs.

Nursery to grade 8 Services:

• All course subjects
Science Math
English And all others


• Organizational abilities and time management

• Test taking strategies and skills

• Preparation for middle school entrance exams

• Languages
English German
Spanish Catalan
French And more

Our students attend the following schools:

  • Agora International School
  • Benjamin Franklin International School
  • Colegio Japonés de Barcelona
  • Colegio John Talabot
  • Colegio Sil
  • Deutsche Schule Barcelona
  • Escola Waldorf
  • Escola Turo
  • Europa International School
  • ES International School
  • Hamelin-International School
  • International School of Barcelona
  • ISCAT The International School
  • Kensington School
  • Lycee Francais
  • Oak House British School
  • Sanchez Casals Tennis Academy
  • SEK Educational Institution
  • St. George’s School
  • St. Paul’s School
  • St. Peter’s School
  • The American school of Barcelona
  • The British School of Barcelona
  • The English School
  • The Olive Tree School